Manage Your Home

Managing your home can become a burdensome daily chore and that isn’t even accounting for house cleaning and home maintenance! Top this with the fact that most smart devices that claim to “automate” your life, are intended to work independently, and require their own app. That means you could end up with even more devices and apps to manage. A true complete home automation system requires expert configuration of these devices and their apps so they will interact with one another.

First, we need to meet with you and take into consideration how each of your family members interacts with the environment, your daily routines, and unique preferences so we can design a custom solution for you. We then integrate several independent smart devices and mobile applications that can run multiple home systems into a single, unified app for your convenience and usability. Both reliable and secure, this seamless solution will allow you to simply and efficiently, manage your smart home anytime and anywhere in the world, using a mobile device or a voice activated smart hub (Amazon Echo or Google Home). With a touch of a button you will be able to monitor and control your security system, adjust your lights, and window treatments, regulate your climate control, oversee your life safety devices, lock and unlock your doors, open or close your garage door, run your entertainment systems, check on additional properties and more!