Builder Program

Longhorn Electrical collaborates with builders, offering a seamless solution for all your clients’ electrical needs, whether it’s a new build, multi-family unit, custom build, renovation, or commercial project.

Our dedicated Builder Program provides you with access to a full-service, integrated team of certified Master Electricians, skilled technology specialists, and adept lighting designers, who are dedicated to elevating your brand. Our responsibility is to ensure that your relationship with the client is protected,  while removing the burden of having to manage and worry about yet another electrical partner, at the same time rewarding you through our affiliate compensation structure.

Working with builders for many years has guided our understanding of your unique challenges. This has influenced the development of our own processes and systems that help alleviate many of your frustrations dealing with trade relationships. Our Builder Program positions Longhorn Electrical as an extension of your company, contributing to your credibility and value through the exceptional client experience we provide. Our differentiation is exhibited through our professional client interaction, our expert project execution, our dedicated client support and warranty program, and our equitable profit structure.

Longhorn executes as promised, meeting all deadlines, independently managing all aspects of the project requirements, while keeping
you and the client regularly informed. You can feel confident that your client’s project will finish on time and on budget and there will
be no surprise issues that arise at turnover, ensuring the client is satisfied and will confidently refer you to friends and family.

1 Job Start 2 Design 3Execute4Quality Control5Turnover6Profit7Warranty Service

1. Job Start

Once Longhorn Electrical is introduced to a new client project, we will use the provided set of plans to produce a full disclosure quote, utilizing our reliable, professional estimating software.

2. Design

Longhorn’s expert team will meet with the client in our state-of-the-art showroom, where they will be fully engaged in an immersive, one-of-a-kind experience, reviewing their plans and as-built drawings on our 130” Direct View Modular LED Display. We will ask the right questions, while educating the client throughout the selection process on code requirements, best practices, and the impact of their lifestyle preferences on their subsequent electrical system design. For example, lifestyle considerations like owing an electric car, incorporating a home gym, pool, or hot tub, installing an entertainment system, security system or life safety devices, will all impact their electrical decisions. Similarly, we will identify details such as how many tv’s they want installed, what electronic devices they use, where charging stations should be installed, whether they are planning on a pet washing station, if they are considering permanent outdoor LED seasonal lights or Human Centric Lighting to positively impact their health at home; all of these questions and more will ensure the homeowner is empowered to make informed decisions on their electrical and low voltage systems to seamlessly support the overall design of their home.

Guiding the client through our selection process is a win-win for all involved; it means the client will be fully satisfied, impressed that these impactful decisions were considered at the front-end, so they have no regrets after the fact, and you benefit knowing you have a happy client and a more profitable bottom line.

All documentation will be completed and provided to you, outlining any changes and alterations that will impact the design and
any other trades. Once everyone agrees, the final project quote will be signed off and a copy provided to you and the client.

3. Execute

We will facilitate all aspects of project management for the electrical and low-voltage systems and ensure that they are completed on time and on budget by our highly skilled team of electricians and technology specialists. Our professional conduct and ability to effectively collaborate with other trades and suppliers means your on-site project management team will be confident in our abilities. We will initiate regular communication touch points using our custom software, so you are always informed on the project progress and subsequent completion.

4. Safety & Quality Control

Longhorn Electrical’s commitment to safety ensures we proactively educate and train all our employees to adhere to the highest industry standards and legislative requirements. Our processes and systems ensure that quality control is maintained, and all details have been documented and reviewed with the client. Clear communication with the client, builder, and any other trades, ensures that everyone is well informed and agrees, so there are no surprises
unveiled at turnover.

5. Turnover

You can rest assured that at the completion of every build, the client’s expectations have been met and they will confidently sign off on all electrical and low voltage systems. As well, we dedicate time to educate the client on the operation and management of all electrical and low voltage systems. We are committed to integrity, trust, and satisfaction from the start to the completion of the project.

6. profit Structure

Choosing Longhorn Electrical as your trade partner means you participate in additional profitability, ensuring you are
appropriately compensated for client acquisition. We provide full transparency to you on the project cost, detailing your
guaranteed revenue, determined by the compensation plan that works best for your particular business model. Longhorn Electrical can intelligently speak to all appropriate upgrades that would best serve the client, which in turn benefits you, as you share the revenue on all client selections.

7. Warranty Service

Longhorn Electrical’s extended warranty program ensures your clients will be taken care of long after the completion of their project. Our dedicated warranty department will schedule no charge follow-ups directly with the client, so you don’t have to liaison as an intermediator.