Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

Longhorn Electrical has a dedicated lighting team who are experts in lighting design, control, and maintenance. Asking the right questions allows us to properly evaluate how your lifestyle requirements and/or day to day activities will influence the use of lighting in your residential or commercial spaces.

Effective lighting design combines both art and science; it has the ability to transform spaces and has a direct biological and physical effect on our bodies, influencing our quality of life. The electrical component of lighting requires an understanding of codes, standards and guidelines that govern lighting. Evaluating the natural light sources available, choice of lighting products, lighting placement and how they are controlled, determines the right amount of lighting and where it is needed. Our team is knowledgeable on all legacy lighting and LED lighting sources, as well as Human Centric Lighting (HCL). We have the resources to install both indoor and outdoor lighting, inclusive of permanent LED seasonal lighting.

Human Centric Lighting (HCL)

Human Centric Lighting emulates the natural daylight patterns that directly affect our physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Longhorn Electrical’s Human Centric Lighting systems, combine intelligent lighting control with LED lamps and fixtures that allow for different lighting colour temperatures and intensity, throughout the day, which contributes to your feeling of comfort. This improves concentration, alertness and enhances our performance in the daytime, and positively influences our quality of sleep and duration of sleep in the nighttime. With a touch of a button, scenic presets, allow you to override the natural environment, dependent on whether you require a more stimulating or relaxing setting. Human Centric Lighting improves circadian rhythm and allows for biorhythm adjustments for shift workers. The benefits of Human Centric Lighting have been established in residential, office, education, and healthcare settings.

How Human Centric Lighting Increases Productivity and Health Benefits