Russ Parker

Master Electrician

Russ is the co-owner of Longhorn Electrical, providing a high level of expertise to his client projects. A graduate of SAIT, Russ is focused on troubleshooting and finding relevant solutions even in the most challenging electrical scenarios. With an acute awareness for lighting design, Russ is focused on creating lighting layouts that effectively support clients’ lifestyle requirements, while maximizing the best use of space. His easy-going approach, matched with his commitment to honest, transparent communication, means he will always educate the client on the safest, most reliable solution, ensuring no corners are cut and code is followed appropriately. His attention to detail and pride in workmanship means sloppy electrical panels and electrical grids are not tolerated! His project planning skills are heavily relied upon having spent many years completing residential work including custom renovations, service work and home automation.

Growing up on a farm has provided him with intimate knowledge regarding rural technology solutions and the subsequent challenges, which only serves to strengthen Longhorn Electrical’s Rural Technology service offering. Russ spends his free time enjoying sports, camping, and fishing with his young family!